Dear Audiences, near and far,

The three of us, Andres Joho, Raimund Wiederkehr and Samuel Zünd, musicians and curators of the St. Moritz Retreat Concerts, are delighted to share with you the new programme for this year’s series of concerts! With many years’ experience in the classical, theatrical and entertainment worlds as pianists, conductors, singers and bandleaders, we are very conscious of the time-honoured tradition of the St. Moritz retreat salon concerts. As such, we plan to maintain the proven, unmistakable and evergreen style of the retreat and salon orchestras. However, we will be introducing a few fresh notes and humour to the concert series, enriching even further this cultural offering that delights guests and locals alike throughout each summer season. All of the concerts will be presented by an entertaining host and are sure to appeal to all generations.

The ambience of the new venue is a perfect match for the traditional salon orchestra concerts: the spacious, newly renovated belle époque hall (Vic’s Bar) in the Hotel Reine Victoria adds to the atmosphere of prestige and enjoyment.

You can look forward to arrangements of classical works and operas, operetta melodies and Viennese music along with songs from the Roaring Twenties, cabaret music, swing, canzoni and folk music and standards from the Great American Songbook.

In addition, repeated events called “breakouts” are planned; these are special concerts in special locations, often combined with scenic elements:

●      Valkyries In The Trees” The first act of Richard Wagner’s Valkyrie / Die Walküre opera will be performed by three singers, three musicians and a sword Schwert. The backdrop for this epic music drama is the forest behind the Eglise au Bois – a unique performance blending music and nature that will thrill not just Wagner fans!

●      “Peter, the Wolf and Other Animals” will play for the youngest listeners in the beautiful theatre of the Hotel Reine Victoria.

●      You will also be able to enjoy “Operettas in 20 Minutes” and the magnificent Children’s Operas byJörg Schneider und Emil Moser, written for the Zürich Opera.

We are looking forward to spending an exhilarating musical summer with you!

Andres Joho

Raimund Wiederkehr

Samuel Zünd